1. tip, nib, tapered end, sharp end, extremity; tine, prong, spike, pike; pinnacle, needle, peak, pointed top; Naut. bill, Naut. pea.
2. projection, promontory, head, foreland, headland, bluff, Archaic. ness; spit, tongue, cape, isthmus, peninsula, Chersonese; strip, reach, stretch.
3. mark of punctuation, period.
4. place, area, locality, locale; position, location, C.B. Radio. twenty, site, spot.
5. direction, compass direction, compass point.
6. degree, extent; stage, condition, circumstances, position.
7. point in time, time, second, instant, moment, minute, hour; stage, stage of the game, phase, period.
8. verge, brink, edge.
9. feature, central or main idea, subject, keynote, focus, focal point; essential or important part, substance, meat, essence, quiddity, quintessence, sum and substance; marrow, pith, heart of the matter, crux, nitty-gritty, gist, Inf. nub; core, inner core, heart, center, nucleus, kernel; base, bottom, root.
10. meaning, significance, signification; underlying meaning, connotation, implication, import, purport, drift; spirit, tenor, tone, vein.
11. aim, end, purpose, object, objective, goal, intention, intent, motive; reason, reason behind [s.t.] cause, motivation, motivating force or factor.
12. subject under discussion, issue, matter, question, point in question.
13. pointer, piece of advice, hint, helpful hint, tip, suggestion.
14. consideration, thought, idea, point to remember or keep in mind.
15. item, particular, specific, detail, fine point, nicety, punctilio.
16. part, element, constituent, component, ingredient, essential or fundamental part.
17. points (all of animals) extremities, limbs, legs, feet, paws, pads, hooves, trotters.
18. unit of measure, mark, score, notch.
19. in point of as regards, in reference to.
20. to the point pertinent, relevant, apropos, fitting, appropriate, suitable, germane, applicable.
21. point to, point at, point or direct one's finger to or at.
22.Usu. point out indicate, show, direct or call attention to; specify, list, name, designate.
23. sharpen, edge, whet, grind, strop.
24. aim, direct, level.
25. signify, indicate, denote, bespeak; promise, look like, bode, presage, omen, augur, portend; foretoken, foreshadow, forebode. point-blank
1. direct, true, sure, accurate, on target, on the mark; right, straight, undeviating, unswerving.
2. downright, outright, out-and-out, explicit, unequivocal, Inf. flat-footed; plain, plain-spoken, blunt, to the point, abrupt, bluff, brusque, tactless; candid, frank, forthright, straightforward, straight-from-the-shoulder; aboveboard, open and aboveboard, up front, on the level, honest, truthful, on the up and up, no-nonsense.
3. directly, straightly, in a straight line, right, undeviatingly, unswervingly.
4. bluntly, plainly, explicitly, unequivocally; frankly, candidly, forthrightly, straightforwardly; openly, sincerely, genuinely, honestly, truly, truthfully.

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